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Fine art watercolors & acrylics



Lori Rowe is a self taught artist who has settled in the  North Chicago suburbs after Crisscrossing the planet for 17 years. 

 Her award winning and internationally known work is a window into the souls of the subjects she creates when she paints.

Lori attended the University of Delaware studying pre-veterinary medicine and animal biosciences. 

 In her spare time, Lori can be found transporting rescued animals to their new homes

and is currently a foster home to her favorite breed,

Australian Shepherds with  ASRM- Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest.





Welcome to art by Lori Rowe,

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The Gallery

 Sir Henry
Private Collection 
Big White


Paynes Gray

48 X 36
       Acrylic on Canvas

BEAUREGARD   1998-2011

Black JACK
Spotty Tan
Original Sold--Private Collector
Prints Available
Dak A Cat
Prints Available
 My Sassy Girl
            Now in the Love from Me Art Book
Prints Available
             Private collection          
Home 2


Woman in Red

Photographs also available 
 I See You

Bed & Bisciut 


Boston in Red
Gi tli - (DOG)in Turquoise
 Blue Moon 2004







I had  just joined this association and  I was told it was one of the  oldest, most respected art associations in the state of New Mexico. This show was judged by LARRY WILCOX and there were ribbons and cash awards given.  I told my husband Greg that I wanted to go even though I didn't expect to even receive an honorary mention, I fully expected the states best art to be there and I was eager to see it. I was right, the works were wonderful. 

 When we got there I noticed right away where my paintings were, on opposite sides of the room, and we started making the rounds a piece at a time.  Well, inevitably, I start chatting up some one and Greg and I get separated.  Next thing I know, my laid back husband is dragging me across the room saying "look".  It was RUBY, she's such a popular girl, she had taken the third place ribbon for Acrylics and Oils!!! For the first time in my life, I couldn't say a thing.  Finally, excitement set in and I went out to call my sister, promptly dropped the phone on the cement and shattered the face of my I Phone. 

 It was OK though, nothing could squelch my joy.

This is  
Private collection  


These next two are of the same painting with a close up of Tommy the King Charles. Debora, Tommy's mommy commissioned this painting a couple of weeks ago and just was crazy about the way it turned out. Deborah is from the south east and of course I am in New Mexico so I didn't think I would get a chance to deliver the painting my self. But, as it happens, Deborah was here again two weeks later and I got to see her face as I unveiled the work, It is almost the best part of painting.





My Sassy Girl   1993-2010



I got sassy on my honeymoon. Everywhere I went there was sassy.
She was sooo tiny, she fit in the front opening of m
y coat.
I was a newlywed and sassy was always there,
when friends and family were far from m
e, she was there.
when I was lost, there she was, when I was lonely, she was there.
We got Sassy a sister and brother, I'm not sure she appreciated it,
but she kept them in line. For almost 17 years, sassy was my constant companion,
 now, she is not there...
If you would like a portrait of your best friend, contact me...




Gift certificates are available! 





Paynes Gray
  PAYNE'S GRAY is internationally famous.
I have got to say who would have thought? Not me!
I sent Payne's Gray over seas to assist in raising money for SAD, Strays of Abu Dhabi
Artist and coordinator Laurel Moore loved it so much Payne's Gray became the face of the auction.
Art Exhibition and Auction
Millennium Hotel - Abu Dhabi
Time: 7:30PM Saturday, April 10Th 2010
Ends:April 17Th 7:30pm
 Artist Laurel Moore, representative and coordinator of the charity art exhibit, said "The hotel Director of PR said she just adored it!(speaking of the poster) I was so pleased... "
SO WAS I! :-)  





The 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book is available To Order !
The Paws For Charity Art Book Project is a unique fundraiser that celebrates our love of pets, and raises funds for a human cause. The 2010 Art Book is a compilation of artwork and photography of dogs and cats submitted by 65 artists and photographers in 7 countries.
If you would like to preview or order a copy of the book, this is the link:
All funds raised from the sale of these books are donated to The Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade, a registered charity with programs in over 50 countries. This charity also carries the Humane Charity Seal of Approval. Details about Paws For Charity are available on the blog: Tshirts, greeting cards, and wall calendars are also for sale with all proceeds donated to breast cancer charity.












Excited ALMOST begins to describe how I feel.

 Honored, choked up and downright incredible may begin to sum it up.

I am being published!

 There were over 300 submissions... 65 were chosen...and of the 65...21 were painters...and I AM ONE!!! 

I am overwhelmed by being included.  


"RUBY" is the painting selected to be in the "PAWS For Charity Art Book".  
All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to "The Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade".
This cause has a special meaning for me as my sister is a breast cancer survivor.
 I will be posting all links ands purchase information as it becomes available.
The projected publish date is April 1st, 2010



This is PR the Crome Rooster, he resides at THE CROME ROOSTER, it's a restaurant in Texas.










Private collection









                                                    Private collection 






Private collection

Jake -12 X 12 watercolor on stretched watercolor canvas


     This is Jake. Jake had a terrible start in life, he was what we call a chain rescue case. He spent his life on a short chain by himself in the yard until someone reported him. His original owner definitely feed him, but because he was always chained, he was VERY over weight and had little if any muscle tone. Jake was rescued by Peggie 5 years ago and his rehabilitation was swift. He was so week when Peggie adopted him, he could hardly get in the house, but,daily walks and the occasional visits with other doggy friends soon rehabilitated Jake and he got along very well. Daily brushing, and love brought out his sweet disposition. He was a HUGE wolf hound mix, but he was a gentle giant. I met Jake on a job in NJ. Of course I knew his mommy, Peggie, first. I would see her everyday around 3pm running the dogs, shadow,Patches and GG{good girl], in the field across from my house. Beau, my Aussie, would bark and generally make a raucous until one day I marched out side, introduced myself, and asked if Peggie would mind if my dogs came out to play with hers. This soon became a neighborhood event. Patches and Shadow moved on to wait for us all with tails wagging in doggy heaven, and Jake was adopted. I'll never forget the morning Peggie came home from 3rd shift to discover her house had been over run with fathers. She opened the door and ppooofff, feathers. It seems Jake was afraid of thunder. He tried to get on the bed to hide and he tried and tried tearing up Peggie's feather bed in the proses. It took forever to clean up those feathers.


Jake died 2/16/10 of bone cancer. This painting is done with love for Peggie. We will see you someday Jake "with tails wagging".







 The Girls Day Off

Private collection


16 x 20 Watercolor on archival watercolor canvas board
 This painting has been sold and ALL profits went to, , the school these two lady's were trained at.


When I first went to little shelter I met Ingrid. I just couldn't forget her. So, I thought maybe if I paint her and offer the painting for free with the adoption people will take more time to notice her. She is sooo lovable and sweet, I really wanted to take her home myself. This is her story;


          When Ingrid came to Little Shelter, she was in very bad condition - in fact she was dying. Ingrid had spent the first years of her life chained to a fence. While on that chain, Ingrid gave birth to litter after litter of puppies and didn't know the joy of human love. When she arrived on our doorstep her body was emaciated and her abdomen was extremely distended. Tests revealed that Ingrid had late stage heartworm and her heart muscle was severely damaged. Ingrid was near death for quite a while and we weren't sure she was going to make it, but after having 14lbs of fluid drained from her chest cavity, lots of TLC, and expert vet care, Ingrid pulled through. To ensure that Ingrid's heart continued to serve her well, Ingrid needed to be placed on life-long medication and the vet responsible for saving her life recommended Viagra! Viagra was originally developed as a heart medication, and for Ingrid it has truly been a life-saver! Now, more than one year later, Ingrid is feeling much better. Her medications and special dietary requirements have proven to be costly, but we will continue to provide her with all of her medical needs. Please help us continue to provide for Ingrid and others like her, while they await new, loving homes, by making a donation to help with their care.  


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